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    Unhappy Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

    I just used a primer called SealZall before painting my son's room.
    It smelled really bad, I thought it would get better after it dried. It did not. I have tried home remedies such as an cut onion. a bucket of water. nothing helps. I am considering sanding the walls to get rid of the VOCs. Anyone ever have this problem? The smell is causing some reaction's.

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    Default Re: Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

    Hey AmberD,
    Sounds like you used the Oil-based version!
    That smell can take a few days to go away...

    If you can, prop a fan blowing OUT in the window. Think of making a "paint-booth" here...
    Tape some plastic onto the window-screen surrounding the fan. Close doors to the room for an hour while fan is running.
    Then, open this rooms' doors for a while, and repeat.

    Don't sand the wall.
    Use a Latex paint for your topcoats!!!


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    Default Re: Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

    The higher VOC paints will release plenty of fumes as the resins , solvents , plastisizers , etc ...... start to evaporate from the paint as it dries and cures.
    In cases this can last as long as a month as the paint cures .... depending what is used.

    The good news is ..... eventually it will go away .

    One key is plenty of ventilation during the paint application to remove these as much as possible

    Until then perhaps keeping the windows open as much as possible along with the suggestion of a fan to blow out the window will help.

    Also .... if you haven't done so yet ... try baking soda in open containers which will absorb odors.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

    Short of leaving the windows open 24/7 - no matter what you do, it will take about a month for the paint to cure and the out gassing to finally stop.

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