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    I am planning on putting in a 4 corner pergola in the back yard with each corner post being a 6x6 cedar post, about 9 feet high. I live in north Texas area, and the soil type here is maily clay. My question is how deep should I dig the hole for the post rest on the footing, being in clay soil. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Can't say for certain concerning your soils, but around here 4 1/2' would be the minimum recommended buried depth for a 9' tall post for this purpose.

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    I agree with ****ie, you may not have to worry about heaving from frost but you do have to worry about wind shear. Each 9' 6 X 6 has 594 sq. inches on each face add the cross beams and you have a sizable sail in a strong wind.
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