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    Unhappy It's the bathtub drain stopper issue again!

    I've never been able to move the lever for the drain in the 4 years I've owned this house. The house is 100 years old. The bathroom has a tiled shower/tub but have no idea of it's age.
    After watching Rich on the video I decided to try to fix it. Removed the 2 screws and tried to pull out the innards - no luck. Behind the faceplate on the shank of the lever is a powerful spring. The lever is connected to 2 flat metal rods with cotter pins, the 1st right behind a washer? and the spring, 2nd about 1/2" away holding the lever shaft between the metal rods which go down into the pipe. I can only move them up or down about 1/2". Do I need to disassemble the connections? What is the purpose of the spring? Could these flat metal rods be wedged behind something? They aren't flexible at all. If I get them out AND fish out the elusive drain closer, can I get a replacement part to attach to the lever? or a new lever assembly at the plumbing supply house. Should I call my trusty plumber for this or just use the rubber drain cover that moves whenever I do?

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    Default Re: It's the bathtub drain stopper issue again!

    I'm not sure what type you have, and I don't know what the spring is for. I have only seen 2 types. One is the pop up drain the other is the overflow stopper type . It's quite possible, if the stopper hasn't be used for a long time that the plus is corroded in place. It my take some effort to work it loose or it may require replacement of the tub drain assembly. You should be able to get replacement parts, assemblies, or a complete tube drain system from your local plumbing supply or big box store.
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