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    Default Can't get faucet handle off

    Posted this in the shower section too. I need to get a single handle shower/tub faucet handle off. Got the cap off and the screw came out, but the handle won't budge. I broke two faucet handle pullers already. I've sprayed PB Blaster on the front and back of the handle and tapped it both under pulling pressure and not. I haven't tried heat yet because I'm not certain if that's smart. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Can't get faucet handle off

    Any chance of hot melt glueing a flexible straw to the handle where the screw came out and pouring in "Lime Away" into it. Let it soak for a couple of hours. Then use a puller again.

    Never tried it in this situation, but have been amazed at Lime Away's ability.

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