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    Talking Hey Canuk - AHHHHHHH - One last Question

    Well, I sealed along the front of the sill with great stuff, inserted 1 inch rigid foam insulation, caulked the heck out of the edges, great stuff around wires . Then I cut 3 1/2 in faced fiberglass and placed that over the rigid foam. I don't need a vapor barrier now do I ??????? Should I have used faced or unfaced.. AHHHHHHHHH.

    What's your opinion on insulating basement ceilings? I'm having it sheetrock (not doing that job). I have read that it doesn't really pay, will just make the basement colder, and not much on sound proofing. Think if the teenages get too loud I'll just get ear plugs ! Ha!

    THank you for all your help !!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Hey Canuk - AHHHHHHH - One last Question

    Deb was probably a bit of a pain and hopefully you didn't get that stuff all over ya.

    you shouldn't have to worry about any additional vapor barrier especially that you have faced insulation. as long as things are nice and air tight.

    As for insulating the ceiling .... it really wouldn't make any noticeable difference other than for noise.
    Afterall when you think of it ..... if you lived in a 2 storey home there isn't insulation between the first and second floors.

    Good luck with the basement project.
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    Wink Re: Hey Canuk - AHHHHHHH - One last Question

    It was definitely a pain, and I did get that stuff all over me. There should be instructions with a caulk gun, telling you how to STOP the stuff from coming out when you let go of the trigger!! If someone had taken a movie of me doing this I probably could of won something on funniest home videos, me yelling at the caulk gun to stop, trying to catch the caulk and then smeering in on like cake frosting !! But hey, I got it done. A relative eventually told be how to work the thing.

    My confusion is that I thought the rigid foam & caulk was the vapor barrier??? And that the fiberglass was just well, extra insulation ??

    So, I have been wondering, what's gone from grey to blue??

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