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    Default Old Wooden Storm Windows

    We recently bought a cape with the old style wooden storm windows. They fit inside the window frame and are held in place by right angle metal brackets that screw into the window and the jam as well -- you pull the window in as tight as possible and tighten the bracket. Im looking for some suggestions about the best way to insulate or seal the windows until we have the money to replace them. Thanks, in advance , for your suggestions ....... Rich --

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    Default Re: Old Wooden Storm Windows

    Why Replace? Old double hung windows with good storms can be almost as efficient as modern windows. Plus, keeping the old windows maintains the charm of the house.

    But, if your storms are in bad shape, then repair, and make sure they fit snuggly. And you can use silicon seals around the old storms to seal any small gaps.

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    Default Re: Old Wooden Storm Windows

    Foe temporary solution you can use DAP® SEAL ‘N Peel ™ Removable Weatherstrip Caulk.
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    Default Re: Old Wooden Storm Windows

    Dredging up an old thread, but I'm curious to know if ANYONE has photos of the hardware associated with these windows. My house has these storms and the previous ownder removed the hardware and would install swing out screens during the summer months.
    Since I found replacement windows that fit inside the double hung window tracks I'm insulated well enough for winter, but would love to have the appropriate hardware to enable a simple swing-out-and-lock-itno-place action to take full advantage of these wonderful old windows.


    Thanks in advance!

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