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    Default Restoring 1 inch hex tile

    We are restoring our 1923 Craftsman and discovered that we have 1 inch hex tile with gray grout in the original bathroom. The problem is it has 2 or 3 layers of vinyl glued directly to the floor. The section we have been able to expose is in excellent shape. We have had mixed responses from local tile experts on whether this beautiful floor can be restored to its original beauty. Please let us know what our possible options are and if there is ANY way at all to save our wonderful floor.

    Thanks in advance for your advise. We are crossing our fingers!

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    Default Re: Restoring 1 inch hex tile

    Something that may rain on your parade: depending on how old the vinyl is (2-3 layers mean at least one is most likely old enough), one or more layers may be imbedded with asbestos. If its not disturbed, it will remain inert, but removal may cause fibers to become airborne. Have it tested.

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