Our foundation was built 8 years ago and shortly after backfilling the front wall moved 1/4 inch. Resulting crack/space was filled w/hydraulic cement and sealed to prevent future leaks/problems. Outside block had been sealed w/dryloc before movement (after, it was already backfilled so inaccessible) and modular home was placed on foundation a day or so later. House sits at the bottom of a sloping driveway and hill. The basement walls appear dry if there has been no rain/snow for a significant period of time. However, any amount of rain/snow, and of course particularly if there is a lot of rain/snow, the block on the front wall appears damp and efflorescence forms on the block.

The majority of the pipes inside the basement have been insulated, and we now have a dehumidifier running round-the-clock.

The problem appears to be runoff and I'm seeking solutions re: the easiest/most cost-efficient fixes to this problem. I'm assuming we will need to re-grade the front lawn so that it slopes up/away from the house, rather than gradually down toward the house. The road has no drainage system so all rainwater runs down the hill from the road as well. Someone suggested filling the space in front of the basement wall, when we grade it up, with clay as this will act as a filter.

Any suggestions?!! I'd like to finish the basement someday but first have to resolve this moisture issue.