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    Smile Grout brands and colors

    I would like to know what brand cement grout to buy. 5 years back I used Polyblend non sanded snow white #11. It is white when wet or dry. Today, THE SAME PRODUCT is grey when wet (when you shower). Although I had 1/4 box left of their original (5 yrs old), it is not enough for a double shower. Still, I mixed it up and just as I remembered it is a beautiful white either wet and dry. The folks at Custom Polyblend aren't aware that their grout was once white wet or dry and seem to think all white grout will grey when wet.

    The 5 yr old grout box has "Series 1" on it. The new version doesn't. Otherwise, all markings/codes are identical including UPC codes. Any advice on what grout I might use that will remain white wet or dry? Thanks
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