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    Default Root Cellar floor

    I have a root cellar which looks similar to the one in this link.

    The floor is simply the dirt ground. I want to use the cellar to store various items/equipment and therefore want to put in a floor. I thought of putting in a cement floor, but was told that that would not be a one man job due to having to mix and lay down the cement all in one day. Is this true or is it possible to lay a cement floor by working in sections over time? Are there alternative materials I could use that would work aesthetically well with this type of structure? Thanks.

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    My understanding is concrete should be done in one pour creating a monolythic slab. If you stop and start the different sections won't be bound together and not be as strong. If you do this several times you end up with a similar thing as using concrete patio blocks which might be an alternative.

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