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    Red face Wiring a light fixture

    I am trying to install a light fixture where there was track lighting. While I was taking the track lighting down the contection came apart and I am not sure how to hook it back up.
    The directions with the new fixture simply say connect black to black, white to white, and then the ground. The junction box has three black wires and three white wires coming into the box.
    How do I know which ones to hook up?

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    Default Re: Wiring a light fixture

    I'm not an electrician, and there are people much more knowledgable here than I. However, I'll take a run at your question.

    I'm guessing that your box is in the middle of a circuit. From your description, there are 3 cables entering the box, each with a black, white and ground wire. One of the cables is the power feed into the box, one of the cables is power to the rest of the circuit, and one of the cables is a wire to a switch somewhere. I think you need to figure out which is which before you can go about connecting wires. Are you able to trace the cables to see where they go after they exit the box?

    Disclaimer: make sure the power is completely off before doing anything further, and if you are not sure, call in an electrician. Get them to teach you stuff while they are there! Good luck.

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