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    Now that I am a subcriber I will start a topic. One of the banes of my existence is having to clean my gutter of leaves and debris. What I would like to do is build or modify a house so that there are only gutters over entrances. My idea is to surround the house with a concrete apron that starts at the side of the house extends out past the edge of the roof. The apron would have a slight grade to direct water away from the house. Is this possible? Has anybody done it? Are there any other solutions for the Gutterless House?

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    around here what they do is to put flower beds under the drip eves and then use a white gravel around the plants. the water is good for the plants and the gravel won't wash away as well as when the water hits it, it instead of pounding a hole in the ground sprays in all different dirrections dissapating the water

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