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    Default Tree Swing - no limbs?

    My two boys have been begging me for a tree swing. Unfortunately, we have 5 acres of tulip poplars - that means no limbs to attach a swing. How can I safely build a tree swing between two trees? I have, I believe, a couple of good location where the trees are approx 8' to 10' apart from each other. Thanks

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    Default Re: Tree Swing - no limbs?

    For a tire swing, have an arborist install a cable between two of the trees. They should be able to also install a clamp-on eye to hang the swing from.

    If you want a regular swing, they can install two eye bolts in adjacent trees and run a rope from each down to the swing (you may be able to do this from a ladder, but be careful).

    Make sure they don't climb your trees with spikes - they will damage your trees!

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