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    Question 3.5 Inch Sewer Clean Cap where can I find one?

    I have a 1940's home and seems that most everything here is out of what is available today. I have a sewer clean out that is recessed in the basement floor, so a plumber could not get it loose with a tool except with a rototwist drill and a chipping bit, he got it out but put two holes in the top of it. I have been looking for one and most home improvements stores have the inch sizes but nothing that works for this it being 3.5 inches though it measures 4 inches & the caps available today don't. Also I would like to bring it up about 4 inches to get it easier to get the cap off but again the pipe thread is an odd size. The cap has 3 1/2 in the cap and it appears to be brass or bronze. Where might I find something that I can move it up a little and get it capped off or am I asking too much. I just got done with cutting the cast iron soil pipe next to it and now I am trying to get this done.

    Any ideas who might have one of these caps or a short piece of pipe and connector that might thread into this and a means to cap it off???

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