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    Default silt in bath water

    My house was built in 1971 and I don't know if the plumbing is that old too but I assume it is. The problem I have is that whenever I fill the tub for my daughter's bath the water has silt or something that comes out with it. While she is in the bath it's in the water she is in. Is this bad? What can I do?.


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    Default Re: silt in bath water

    City water supply or private well?

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    Default Re: silt in bath water

    We have city water. I did try running the water for 5 minutes or so before filling the bath and there was less silt but still had some. What do you think?

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    Default Re: silt in bath water

    Well, I guess my first suspicion would be a crack or hole in the underground water main. Any other evidence of that sorta thing? Wet spot in yard, sunken area in yard, high water usage on bill, etc. ? If the hole or crack is on the city's side
    (before the meter)...a leak wouldn't be reflected on your bill.

    How old is the house? Plumbing pipes consist of ???...galvy pipes, maybe?

    Is this silt in the hot only, cold only...or both?

    If hot only, how old is the water heater? Might be the tank is rusting out.

    Is there a water softener in place? How old? Is it maintained well? Connected to hot only or both? If old or neglected, this *could* be a culprit....particularly so if cheap rock salt is being used and the brine tank isn't cleaned out often enough. The dirt/mud that will accumulate from using these types of products could get deep enough in the tank to get sucked up into the softener media during regeneration and then dispersed thru the house plumbing.

    Any other type of large whole house filter in the main line?

    Do you have any garden hoses that remain hooked up outside? Do those sillcocks have anti-siphon devices on them? Not likely that this would cause enough dirt to be siphoned (evenif left in a puddle), but maybe...if things were just right/wrong.
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    Default Re: silt in bath water

    Do any of your neighbors experience this problem? Is the problem seasonal or does it occur year round? Do you use city water for your yard irrigation? If it is a seasonal problem and you use city water for irrigation, the velocity of the water in the city main may increase enough during irrigation season to stir up sediment in the main line.
    Have you talked to the city about this problem? They may be able to flush the main line and remove the sediment in the line.

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    Default Re: silt in bath water

    I was very happy to read that someone else is having this issue. I've been unable to take a bath for months becasue of brown bath water. After many visits from the plumber the problem is much improved but it is not fixed. There is "silt" or something getting into the water from somewhere. It seems to only be affecting the hot water tap. Repairs to the "return line" have been made, so the color of the water has gone from brown to tan and it sometimes runs clear. However, I noticed I can run the hot water and even if it runs clear, if I let it sit in the tub for awhile and then drain the tub it leaves all this brown stuff on the bottom of the tub.

    Is this dangerous?

    The building is an old NYC brownstone. It is a garden apartment on the first floor. The pipes are brass throughout as per the plumber.

    Nobody else seems to be having the problem or else they don't notice it. The boiler is fairly new from what I understand.

    Any ideas as to what is causing this and is it something I should be worried about.

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    Unhappy Re: silt in bath water

    I am having the same problem and I do have a new hot water heater. I just entered a posting on this site. Did you ever solve your silt in the hot water problem? Wen

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