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    Default Shades for window on old door?


    Just replaced our old, falling apart front door with a new replica. It has a large window and I am struggling with what type of window treatment to use. Does anyone have suggestions for what would look appropriate? (100 yr old victorian)

    It's a square window that takes up the whole upper half of the door. Below the window is our old style crank doorbell, which I don't want covered. I was thinking a top down/bottom up type of roman shade (worried re the bulky factor) vs just hanging a bar midway down the window and hanging a d**** of some sort. Any ideas are appreciated. -Beth

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    Default Re: Shades for window on old door?


    are you looking for light control and privacy or just privacy?

    i'm against cafe type curtains on a formal entrance for victorian unless it is a folk vick style wise.

    you might go with a roller shade or the top down bottom up cellular if you want light control and privacy.

    if just privacy you can do a etching treatment or use glass paint kit to mimic etching you can use reverse stencils you cut out of contact paper to make a pattern if you want. you could even use craft paints to fake stained glass they even have puff type fake leading paints now kind of like fabric puff paint for just this type of project. if you want a quick view while you experiment with designs or options you can do a temporary with the glass films for ideas about what you might want to paint later just to test out the styles but the films dont last long.

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    Default Re: Shades for window on old door?

    Hour glass curtain

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