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    Default single vanity light into two wall sconces?

    I know nothing about electricity but i would think this should be simple. My bathroom has a single box for a multiple light vanity. is it possible to split the wires and install two single light wall sconces?

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    Default Re: single vanity light into two wall sconces?

    I assume that you mean that you would like to replace the multiple light vanity with two separate wall sconses and remove the box that you have right now. If so, then yes this is possible. However, the wire must be long enough to reach one of the sconces and then from there, you can add a new wire to reach the second sconce. If the wire is not long enough, then your original box will have to stay in place and you will have to run a new wire from that box to the sconses. You will also need to install a finished cover plate over the box.

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    Default Re: single vanity light into two wall sconces?

    To decouple a single switch in two switches, one for the fan and one for the light. The most important thing is to identified each set of wires that is in the switch box. One set of wires (black - hot, white - neutral, and copper - ground) should be source wire( where power is coming from).

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