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Thread: Peeling Plaster

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    Cool Peeling Plaster

    I have a house built in the early 40's.
    The walls were coated with a texturing material over finish plaster. Some cracks have appeared. If you sc**** the crack to fix it the spot gets bigger. Any way to stop the peeling without scraping it all off? Does anyone know what this material is?

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    Default Re: Peeling Plaster

    The most probable cause would be coating applied over plaster is not compatible with the plaster finish coat.
    Moisture migrating through the crack will cause failure at the edge along the crack and spread from that point.
    Test an area use a misting bottle with water wet the area where the coating has seperated from the plaster wet it a few times in a one hour period than check an see if the coating will release from the plaster if it does it would be incompatable.

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