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    Default thoroseal or drylock

    our basement leaks after a heavy rain .it only leaks on one side of the house where the wall meets the floor. has anyone had any luck with either drylock or thoroseal to stop a water leak...thanks

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    Default Re: thoroseal or drylock

    Sounds as though you have a larger issue than a paint on product can offer to resolve.

    Ensure the outside grade outside is sloped away along with down spouts extended from the house.
    If you still have water seepage issues with those corrections then you likely have a drainage issue of the foundation perimeter drain system and/or possibly a crack or hole in the foundation.
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    Default Re: thoroseal or drylock

    Sounds exactly like a problem that we had, but no longer. For years, heavy rains caused a wet basement, as the cracks along the wall (where the floor meets the wall) allowed in seepage of water. Before this year's rains, I chiseled out all the loose cement, and wire-brushed the wall, down to the floor. Then I brushed it very clean. I mixed some hydrostatic cement powder with water, about 2-3 quarts at a time. I moistened the wall and floor with a spray bottle, and troweled the cement mixture onto the wall to a height of about 2 feet. I spread the cement onto the floor about 6-9 inches. This was repeated across the entire basement wall that was leaking. After 2 days, when it thoroughly dried, I then applied about 3 coats of Thoroseal paint on top of the dry cement, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat. It took about 3 days altogether, but now we have a dry basement! More serious fissures would require a drain pipe and/or a sump pump. We were lucky.

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