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    Question What are these walls made of?

    Hey, guys. I've got a question about the interior walls for the house in which I live - I can't identify them, but I know it's not drywall or plaster.

    This house is pretty old - I believe it was built in the 1950s? Maybe before. (I don't own the house, so I'm not sure.) The walls are kind of....soft to the touch, I suppose, and they feel hollow. They've been painted over, but there are deep vertical grooves every 12 inches or so, like some type of paneling.

    I removed the switchplate for the light switch to see if I could figure out what it was, but I couldn't really tell - it seemed almost like some really soft chipboard or something. I can't tell, but I took some pictures and I was hoping that someone with expertise might be able to identify it.

    They are here:

    Can anyone tell what this is? This isn't like, MDF board or something, is it?

    Edit: Or some other type of particleboard?

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    Default Re: What are these walls made of?

    Sounds to be a fiberboard panel like Homasote.
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