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    Default wall mount faucet on outside wall?

    We are remodling our kitchen and I would love to be able to install a wall mount kitchen faucet (Rohl). It will have to go on an outside wall and we don't want to bump out the outside wall of the house. Since our kitchen is very small, we also don't have the space to pull the sink further into the room. Our plumber suggested that we could insulate the pipe and open up the back of the floor under the sink to allow warm air to raise and keep the space warmer. Another plumber said every 5 years or so we get a cold spell of 5-10degrees with wind and he gets over 100 calls about frozen pipes that are in an outside wall. One of our friends has a heater under the sink when the weather gets below freezing. We have a well built 1929 Cape Cod home in MI. What do you think?

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    Default Re: wall mount faucet on outside wall?

    Anytime you put plumbing inside an exterior wall you are asking for trouble of freezing pipes. Also you will leave an avenue for poor insulation and warm moist air into the wall causing other issues.
    As far as opening up the floor to try and warm up the space isn't a good idea.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend doing it --- time to look at a counter mount alternative.
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