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    Default How to clean algae from Trex decking

    Looking for a way to clean algae from Trex decking. Is it as easy as just scrubbing it off with water and a brush?

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    Default Re: How to clean algae from Trex decking

    I don't have trex, another brand...but used a power washer. No problems. I assume like anything else, you could damage the trex with a power washer if you used the wrong bit or were too close...but I had no issues.

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    Default Re: How to clean algae from Trex decking

    Trex does not recommend power washing.
    I found this info.from Trex

    "If mold colonies appear, clean the deck with a deck wash containing a detergent and sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach. This chemical will lighten the wood on the surface of Trex in addition to removing the mold. To minimize lightening of darker Trex colors, dilute bleach cleaner 50% with water. The following brands of deck cleaners have been found to be effective in removing mold from Trex decking:

    * Olympic Deck Wash*
    * Behr®** Deck Prep and Mildew Stain Remover
    * Expert Chemical™*** Composite Deck Cleaner & Enhancer (

    Follow all package directions for usage, safety and disposal. NEVER mix any other cleaners (ammonia, phosphoric acid, etc.) with bleach.

    Eco-friendly (no bleach):

    * Corte-Clean®**** Composite Deck Cleaner (
    * Chomp Pro®***** Algae & Mildew Stain Cleaner™ (

    Treat deck with one of the following products to delay regrowth of mold:

    * PSC Composite Deck Protector (
    * Chomp Pro®***** Algae & Mildew Stain Barrier™ (

    Mold spreads easily and may return in some environments despite proper cleaning and preventative measures. Mold does not damage Trex and will cause no harm if allowed to propagate.

    In some cases it will require several treatments with the deck wash to completely remove all mold colonies. Even if the spots are no longer visible, there may still be mold spores on the surface that could regrow."

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: How to clean algae from Trex decking

    We have tried 2 of the trex cleaners, were expensive too! NOTE: doesn't work! Might as well have donated the money to charity.
    50/50 bleach, water works great, and doesn't "bleach" the deck. Used a hard scrub brush. Bleach actually kills algae. Cleaners don't.
    Also, if you are getting a trex deck and looking here to see how to take care of it, get 2 different colors. Lighter for the bottom, or parallel to ground. Then the railing, use a darker color. Looks nice, and can't see the bottom deck lose color from sun......good luck

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