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    Default kitchen cabinet door hinges

    The screws of the hinges on our kitchen cabinets are loosening in the frame and I'm not sure what's the best solution to fix this problem. Any suggestions/ideas?

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    Default Re: kitchen cabinet door hinges

    Tighten the screws. If the screw holes are enlarged or degraded so that the screws no longer stay tight, withdraw the screws and coat the holes with a five-minute epoxy. This will firm them up. Apply some wax to the screws before re-inserting them or they will be permanently fixed.
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    Default Re: kitchen cabinet door hinges

    Even easier than that is to fill the hole with wooden toothpicks and a little wood glue. White glue will work in a pinch. When the glue is dry, trim the toothpicks flush and reinstall the door.
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    Default Re: kitchen cabinet door hinges

    I am also a fan of the toothpick trick. Quick easy way to give screws something to bite

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