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    Default Re: Wiring shed with 10-3 wire

    Quote Originally Posted by jpmaddog View Post
    I called the permit guy and here's what he said:

    I need:
    A sub panel box with a main shutoff switch
    A 8' grounding rod at the shed
    To keep neutral and ground separate
    A 12" trench (which he must see)(and he recommends conduit)
    GFI protected outlets

    Now I have 3 questions:

    1. If I run the wire out the block wall to the outside, it will have to travel 4' down the outside wall to the ground. Does the UF cable need to be inside conduit and what keeps the top waterproof.

    2. The 10-3 UF wire is about 3/4 wide, should I use 1" conduit or would 1 1/2" or even 2" be better? (the trench will only be 40' long and it costs between $1 and $2.50 per 10 feet depending on size.)

    3. what does he mean by keeping the neutral and ground separate?
    1. It should be in conduit when it exits the house and down the wall then the top will be watertight. Caulk around where the conduit comes through the house.

    2. I would use 1-1/2".

    3. In the subpanel in the outbuilding you will have a terminal bar that is used for the neutrals and a separate terminal bar that is used for the ground wires. This is different than what you probably have in your house panel where the neutral and grounds share space on the terminal bar in your circuit breaker panel. The sub panel neutral terminal bar will be connected to the neutral wire that is running back to the house panel. The sub panel ground wire terminal bar will have a bare copper wire that runs to your ground rod. I do not believe you want a ground wire between the house and outbuilding since you have the ground rod, but I am sure someone will confirm or correct this.
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