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    Question toilet on peer and beam flooring

    We have an older home on peer and beam. The subflooring is plywood with tile. Our toilet doesn't stay seated. We have repaired it a few times but seems that after a few months it becomes wobbly again. Is there a special part we need for plywood flooring? Our other bathroom is on concrete and we don't seem to have this problem there. If I need to replace the subflooring what is the appropriate replacement? thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: toilet on peer and beam flooring

    If you have determined that the subfloor is in sound condition, I would try re-setting the toilet, with a new wax ring, and use hard plastic shims to make sure the toilet is not hung up and rocking on an unevenness of the tile (the flange could have been set too high as well). Use a level across the rim to guide you to the right shimming locations. You may have to caulk around the base to hide the gap. Caulk only the front and sides, so a leak can be detected before reaching the catastrophic stage.
    If the subfloor is unsound, you have quite a task ahead. But it starts with removing the toilet and taking up the floor. Since there is presumably a crawl space, you should be able to evaluate the subfloor from underneath, though.
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    Default Re: toilet on peer and beam flooring

    One of the main things that is often overlooked is to screw the closet flange to the floor. If this isn't done when you tighten the closet bolts you pull the flange up to the toilet rather than pulling the toilet down to the floor.


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