I have a toilet, stamped 1948 on the inside of the tank.

The flapper deteriorated, and I can not find a replacement. It had a very strange connection.

In trying to see where the flapper seal was, the seal came off. The previous owner had epoxied it on.

It looks like the tank to bowl gasket is starting to deteriorate as well and I'd like to replace that. So, now I'm trying to get everything apart.

However, I can not figure out how to remove the tank. There are no tank to bowl bolts. It looks like a single connection, right where the water enters the bowl.

Any idea how to remove this? I've never seen this before. It looks like a bolt in the center with fingers reaching back up attached to the spud nut (or whatever it's called). I can't get a rachet in there to turn the nut.

Even if I remove it, do they make replacement parts for it?