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Thread: Shopsmith Q

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    Default Shopsmith Q

    I'm very intrigued by the idea of getting a shopsmith. But I'm curious how one deals with large panels. The table saw looks like it's got a REALLY small table.

    And it seems like it would defeat the purpose to build an extension table. I mean isn't the idea for it to take as little floor space as possible?

    For those of you who do have one, what have you done to improve yours in this area?



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    Default Re: Shopsmith Q

    The Shopsmith is a multi-functin tool so if you do not have room for a large bed table saw I suggest you build some multi function out feed tabels/tool benches/folding tables you could use as needed when sawing large panels.

    You could also look into a vertical panel saw that you could attach to a wall for downsizing larger projects.


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