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    Default Tree Roots Lifting Sidewalk

    There is a very large tree (oak I think) in front of my grandmother's house. It's in the grassy space between the street and her front sidewalk.

    One portion of the sidewalk has been lifted at one corner. It's a good 3 inches above where it should be. The portion next to it has also been lifted--but not nearly as badly.

    I'm really concerned that someone is going to trip and fall--or just see it as an opportunity to make some money and sue her.

    I'd like to fix this for her. Can anyone offer some suggestions?

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    Default Re: Tree Roots Lifting Sidewalk

    Hey, I think it's nice you're trying to help out your Grandmom. I'm not a "concrete" guy, but I had a similar problem at my sister's place. Actually her homeowners insurance was going to cancel her if she didn't get it fixed. I've seen two "fixes" for these problems. I've seen some guys just grind down the high points with a grinder to match the adjacent section. What I did was actually bust up the one section of sidewalk and then pour a new slab level with the adjacent sections (with wire rebar). Just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Tree Roots Lifting Sidewalk

    I'd remove the affected sections, cut out the affecting roots, regrade to 3.5" and pour a new walkway section. There is no need for wire or any other type of rebar in a walkway.
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