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    Unhappy Bees nest underground

    I have a Yellow Jackets nest on the slope side of my property that is underground....how do I go about attacking this ?

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    Default Re: Bees nest underground

    Easy! Pour about 1/4 cup of gasoline down the hole at night when they're all in there sleeping. You don't need a lot because it's the fumes that gets them, not the liquid fuel. I usually crush the entrance closed afterwards just for good measure. No more yellowjackets!
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    Default Re: Bees nest underground

    You know, I usually wouldn't contradict the more senior members on this forum -- they are a virtual cornicopia of information and experience -- but in this case I must.

    Yellow jackets are an integral part of the backyard ecosystem. They attack unwanted pests and generally help to keep things in balance. That being said, if they are too close for comfort and you don't feel you can coexist with them, then removal is warranted.

    Realize that once the weather turns cold they will no longer be active and the problem will go away on it's own. If you're not in an area where cold weather is on the horizon, you can always use a commercially available pesticide made for yellow jackets. A Spruce has the right timing -- wait until dark when they have returned to their nest, then spray the pesticide down the hole and leave it alone. Gasoline should never be used! Why spoil the environment any more than you need to. Also, gas will kill the grass in the area. . . the pesticide most likely won't.

    Just my two cents.


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    i agree that you should NOT use gas.

    read this first from cornell university. wasps cant see red so use red light while you spray in the dark.


    bees or wasps? no chance africanized bees on a cliff or slope is there?

    read also this from iowa university it even tells you which chemicals to use also tells about the dish soap method to try first. if winter coming colony of wasps in the ground will die when freezing temperatures come. they usualy get busy just before the new queens take off and the rest of the colony dies.

    iowa site: http://www.extension.umn.edu/distrib...re/DG3732.html

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    Arrow Re: Bees nest underground

    Yes, please don't use gas. That will definitely harm the environment around the area, but so will the pesticides, unless they are "green." I went ****** and found a few natural alternatives to chemicals.

    Honey Bees do help with pollination, but if they must go, be kind to the environment in doing so. And to any dogs, humans, or other animals that may walk by the same bee hive.

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    If they are in the ground, they are not honey bees. Honey bees will not nest in the ground.

    Tim - beekeeper

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