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Thread: Leaking gutters

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    Default Leaking gutters

    I used that high dollar gutter sealant when i put up my gutters and sure enough they leak at the joints. Everything was brand new and clean but they still leak. What sealant would work better?

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    Default Re: Leaking gutters

    Here are a few with good reviews:

    From gutter

    Ruscoe 12-1 and #2 Sealant: For sealing gutter joints, end caps, miters, etc.

    Rescue 911 Leak Sealer: A "quick fix" for repairing roof, gutter, and gutter joint leaks.

    Titebond Weathermaster: For siding, windows, doors, and vents.

    Sounds like any of these could work to keep your gutters from leaking.

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