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    Default Wall-mount sliding door on a bathroom?

    I have a tiny bathroom but the wall next to the door opening will not accommodate a traditional pocket door because of plumbing/electrical. I had an idea that a door which slides outside the wall like a barn door could be a solution and have just discovered a hardware kit that includes a fascia for hiding the hardware with trim:


    My question is: Are there ways to ensure security of the door--latch, lock, or something like that? Also, are there small cracks at the edge of the door between the wall trim and the door itself that compromise privacy?

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    Default Re: Wall-mount sliding door on a bathroom?

    In looking at this picture:

    You'll see the silver cup in the door to open and close it by. On the jamb you'll see a silver rectangle, this is a latch point, the bathroom side of the door cup has the lever/locking mechanism. It also appears that there is a trim strip on the jamb which prevents gaps. The back edge of the door should stay over the wall. Look at the floor, there is a roller that keeps the bottom of the door against the wall.

    With all those points, there should be no issues with privacy, certainly not in the average household.
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