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    Default replacing clay pipe under the foundation

    We've lived in this house since 2006 and we've already had plumbers out to replace old, collapsing clay piping under the house in the master bath, now we've been tunneling under the house by the other bathroom for the same problem. My question is there's pvc pipe leading up to the house, then old rotten clay pipe going underneath the house, but how long is this pipe exactly? We have to be about 3' under the house now, but the smell gets stronger with each shovel lunge that it's almost unbearable. We've had numerous plumbers out to the house telling us different things... this bathroom has been out of commission now for about a month; the toilet will flush good once, then after that it backs up, and if you try to unclog it, the mess ends up going through the tub. If you run the tub, it takes hours for it to drain, and it will bubble into the toilet. But I was just wondering how much longer until we get to the end of this clay pipe? Thanks.

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    Default Re: replacing clay pipe under the foundation

    The standard lay lenght of 4" vitrified clay pipe is 4 feet, it is also available in 1 foot and 2 foot lengths.
    I have also seen some 4' clay pipe that was installed in the 1950's with a 3 foot lay length.
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