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    Default new deck with peeling paint

    Recently I had a new deck built by a contractor approved to do work in my condo development. He used 2 x 6 treated lumber for the flooring and painted it as per condo spec. The problem is that every rain or snow fall the paint is chipping and washing away . He has redone the paint job three times . How can this be fixed correctly so it doesn't happen again.

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    Default Re: new deck with peeling paint

    It sounds like maybe it wasn't actually sealed properly. Treated lumber needs to be cleaned and sealed every year or two. Oxygen bleach works very well for cleaning it. For sealing, use a penetrating water repellent. Make sure it has synthetic oils and resins.

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    Default Re: new deck with peeling paint

    For paint to stick, the wood needs to be ready to paint; this means dry, first and foremost. It should also have surface prep. For PT southern yellow pine, I sand it across the grain with a 120 grit belt sander. This breaks the shiny mill-finish of the summer wood, and lets the paint sink in and grab. I would strongly recommend a solid-color oil stain instead of paint in this situation.
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