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Thread: Backer Board??

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    Default Backer Board??

    I just saw one of the Home Improvement shows where they were remodeling a Bathroom. In the Tub area, they installed Green Board....then what looked to be Hardi-Backer board over that, then that the proper way to go about it ????....wouldn't hanging Cement Board instead of Green Board, and Tile that, be the way to do it ????. The Green Board would bring the wall flush.....I would think Hardi-Backer would make the wall stick out....then Tile ????.....

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    I can't understand why they did that either. Is it possible they just had green board above the durock? (toward the ceiling) I'm certainly not challenging what you saw, but seems like an extra step that is not neccessary.

    ...and from my understanding, it is not necessary

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