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    Smile Stone Foundation French Drain

    My house was built in the late 20's. The stone foundation is made up of large limestone blocks, about 10 to 15" cube. The foundation looks good, the motor is crumpling on the outside but basically solid. The foundations is about 2.5 feet wide, double course of stone. I want to stop water from entering my basement. We are below the water table and water comes in through the walls. The floor is continually wet in some places and damp everywhere else. The house is siting on 6" to a foot of gravel which in turn is on bedrock. This area is saturated.

    I was thinking about installing a drainage pipe around the basement perimeter and directing the water to a floor drain on the far side of the basement. How far from the basement wall do I have to be to safely cut through my concrete floor?

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    We just took on a project similar to the one you are thinking of. We did an interior weeping tile system which collects at a sump pit, but instead of using a sump pump we had a directional driller install a horizontal 4" pipe 120' out to the ditch outside our house. Our situation sounds a little different than yours though. We did not have water coming through the walls but through the floor. Our problems were not that we were below the water table, but that a natural spring exists underneath our house which has a lot of flow during winter melt. So far so dry... we'll see how things go in the spring.

    We cut our floor 14" off of the wall and broke up the concrete from the 14" mark right to the wall. Putting the sump pit in was a real pain as digging deeper than 1' would cause the sand/gravel walls to collapse. We had to build a wooden wall around the are were we went deeper than 1'.

    HTH, good luck..

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