When I bought my Lustron home in 2006, the plumbing in the kitchen had needed to be repaired. The 'plumbers' the previous owners (a bank that didn't care) called in fixed the plumbing okay, but didn't do well with the floor.

They pulled up the vinyl tiles that were in the corner, fixed the pipes, and poured concrete to fill in. The problem I have is that they didn't take the time to level the concrete at all. By the time I moved into the house, the concrete was set. Now I have a huge lump in the corner of my kitchen. I'm looking to put in new flooring and I would like to know the easiest way to fix the lump in the flooring. I thought about using a leveling concrete compound, but there is almost 1/2" above the existing floor, which is already too close to the threshold.

Please help!

Thanks, Cathy