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    Default Heating Hot Water With a Steam System

    I live in a historic 1836 home that is heated by a steam system. I currently have my hot water heated by an Indirect hot water system heated by my furnace. I use my furnace as a back up for heat and use a wood stove. The problem is that I need hot water for showers, dishes, an so on. I feel like I am wasting a ton of money keeping my boiler ready 24/7 for heat in order to have hot water when needed. I am searching for a system that would allow me to have hot water, but basically shut my furnace down. I am looking into oil, gas, and electric models. I do worry about my furnace in my moist basement with no use. Maybe I need to turn my aquastat down? Maybe shut my emergency switch off until I need hot water? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Heating Hot Water With a Steam System

    There are tankless wall-mounted hot water heaters that will provide instant hot water when you turn on the tap. They make them in electric and gas and they are up to 98% efficient. Any good plumbing store will have them. Even Home Depot carries some models.

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    Default Re: Heating Hot Water With a Steam System

    I have a wall mounted tankless water heater I bought at Lowes. i got the biggest one that I could find. I love it.

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