We live in a 1910 house in Toronto, Ontario. The house was subdivided into two apartments and rented for many years. We have recently taken down the subdivision and intend to use the whole house. On the main floor, particularly in a small mudroom at the back of the house and in the adjacent kitchen, we notice an unpleasant, fairly strong kind of sweet smell (my partner says it might also be described as a sour milk smell). Both the kitchen and the mudroom have been recently thoroughly cleaned and repainted. They are empty. There are no signs of humidity or rotten material anywhere. The kitchen has a laminate floor in good conditions. The mudroom an old and damaged vinyl tile floor that needs replacement. The mudroom is build as a small extension of the original house and over a crawl space. I checked the crawl space but it doesn’t seem to be particularly humid. Also, the smell is not a typical musty mould smell. Any idea? Could it be the glue used for the vinyl floor? Help!!! And thank you in advance!