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    Default sealing stone tile shower

    I just remodeled a bathroom and installed a shower with stone tiles on the wall and floor. The contractor used a penetrating enhancement sealer on the walls and floor. He told me this would have to be done every 6 months.

    Are there any other kinds of sealers that can be used on stone that are more permanent???

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    Default Re: sealing stone tile shower

    It's not so much the product,m its the usage and how much wear and tear and exposure to water. If you use the shower daily, than every 6 months will help protect the tile. If it doesn't get much use, such as a guest bath, than once a year should be suffcient.
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    Default Re: sealing stone tile shower

    one factor that is the most important that is the most seldom taken into consideration is the stone type itself. what is the stone that was used? a large quanity of stone doesn't need to be sealed because the absoration rate into many stones is actually less then what there is for porcelain, most of these are granites. so the type of stone as well as the name is very important. please give this information and it will help me know what you are dealing with.

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    Default Re: sealing stone tile shower

    I would check with your local hardware stores.

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