Hi! I am still undergoing some remodeling in my bathroom (& kitchen) and - after opening a wider eye to things, I noticed that the bathtub is slightly “unlevel.” This is noticeable on the outer surface of the tub, by the faucet side and it slopes the slightest bit to the outside, where water pools and puddles along the floor. I don’t know what damage this could do to our newly installed porcelain tiles and the wood trim that is exposed to this water. (Note: we have only a shower curtain so water easily seeps out …)

My contractor is giving me a bit of a “guilt” trip and seems to blame the uneven flooring that preceded the new tub installation as well as pointing to the manufacturer, possibly giving us a “defective” tub. (I’m not convinced of that, though.) He’s also lamenting about the expense of the whole project. But, believe me: it was an “expense” for me too!

He has proposed to put a Corian, splash guard that will supposedly keep the water from exiting the tub surface. What’s fair? Should he rip out & install a new tub? Or, should I just settle for this Corian splash guard?

Thank you all for responses! I’ve posted on here before and it’s such a help to have you all!!