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    Smile Grading/landscaping to remove retaining wall?

    Hello all,

    We recently bought an old fixer upper with 2 acres. It's nice, but there is a hill that breaks up the property with a retaining wall ~30 feet from the house.

    Our/my dream vision is to get rid of the retaining wall and grade the hill so that there is less of a slope (the retaining wall goes from 1 foot on 1 side to 4-5 feet on the other side).


    1. Is this ridiculously expensive?
    2. How would we go about it?
    3. Would we need to consult with an engineer, as this could affect the water flow to around our home, to our neighbors, etc.
    4. In general, is this a bad idea?

    We would have extra loam for anyone who needed it?! We have a cousin or something that is an excavator, so he would be able to help with the actual execution of the project.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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