I have a house which was built in mid 70's. The insulation within the attic is horrible. In some areas it looks like they used insulation which might have been left over from wall insulation. I only say this because I found some pieces as small as a foot long. The attic studs are 2x6's. The insulation within them is about 3" thick. I was doing some research and I believe it may be R19. Unable to really tell as the fiberglass paper itself does not have R rating stamped on it. The fiberglass is a whitish yellow color. I live in Zone 5 and the recommended R value is R49-60. I would like to get my R value up to at least a R30 if possible. I was looking to probably use blow-in insulation (cellulose or fiberglass) and do it myself. The main problem I have is that part of the attic has plywood which we use for storage. I need to keep this storage space if at all possible. Is there a way to get to a good R value in my attic and keep the storage space as well? Thanks in advance.