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    Default Rangehood exterior mount exhaust fan

    I want to install a new large rangehood with the exhaust fan motor mounted on the exterior wall so that there is almost no fan noise inside the kitchen.I have seen these exterior exhaust fans mounted on exterior wall surfaces of resturaunts but never on a house. Any suggestions as to where to find one that would be low enough capacity for home use? Any suggestions about installing same? I would mount the fan housing on the exterior wall surface directly opposite the range hood so the duct work would be only 6 to 8 inches.My house is 1928 two story with bevel siding.

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    Default Re: Rangehood exterior mount exhaust fan

    Can't say I've ever seen a residential set up like that ..... maybe check the yellow pages for a resturant equipment supply place.
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    Lightbulb Re: Rangehood exterior mount exhaust fan

    I found Broan Elite RM 604204. They have extensive parts so I put it together with a Broan Exterier blower Model#335. All parts are off the shelf.This puts the blower on the outside wall perfectly.

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