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    Default Foundation needs replacing, anything to stabilize in the meantime?

    We discovered major cracks in the foundation of our 1914 home after tearing out the existing development in the 6' basement. We had a structural engineer come in and they are recommending a full replacement of the foundation due to the extent of the cracking and spalling that is occurring. The estimated cost on the engineer's report to lift the house, replace the foundation and lower the house including the electrical and plumbing hook-ups was $45,000-$60,000, but after having a few contractors come in, we've discovered it is actually closer to $80,000 for our house. The engineer has stated that the foundation doesn't seem to be of immediate structural concern at this time. Because this is a major expense, we are wondering if there are other options for us in the meantime. Would building a 2 x 8 surrounding wall help to stabilize the house? Is shotcrete/gunite an option? We could also use the extra space, so we are open to doing a lift in the future.. or at this price is it better to cut our losses and move to a different home?

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    Default Re: Foundation needs replacing, anything to stabilize in the meantime?

    Those questions would be better asked with the structural engineer that performed the evaluation for you ... since they would be aware of what currently exists as far as loads , soil , etc.

    While something like 2x8 framed walls under the home may have enough strength there has to be a sound footing for carrying the load.

    As for gunite .... if it was approved it would be an expensive temporary measure.

    There's no way anyone really could advise you site unseen over the internet.

    Just a thought.
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