We have just bought a new house that has been partially renovated. The house was built in 1909; however, the trimming has been painted and the kitchen and bathroom have been completely re-done. The walls in these rooms are now drywall. The other three rooms on the main floor are plaster. Also, the plaster is in acceptable condition, but you can see every area they had repaired over the years and it looks pretty bumpy. We had considered texturing it. However, we might just consider replacing the three rooms that are plaster with drywall if it would not be extremely expensive. The other good news is we are not moving into the house for another 2-3 months so covering our stuff would not be a problem. The dimensions of the three rooms are below.

Living Room: 18 x 13
Bedroom: 15 x10
Formal Diving Room 16 x 10

If possible we would like to add new trim and crown molding throughout. Also, we would like to add chair railing in the dining room. Does anyone know about how much this would cost with and without labor for a project like this?

Or do you think in the long run it is worth keeping the plaster walls and just to texture it?

Need your help,