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    Default What kind of contractor can redesign gutters/roof drainage?

    I'm in Maryland, and in our recent record snowfall had enormous ice dams. One area in particular is a problem: half the house roof and half the garage roof both drain to just a very small (2 foot) section of gutter in a corner by our front door. This gutter gets overwhelmed. In the winter, it get ice-dammed and the constant drip and refreeze makes our front porch a permanent skating rink. In the summer, so much water rushes down this one corner that it has actually undermined part of the driveway.

    What kind of a contractor would I call to see about redirecting the water flow somehow? A roofer? Gutter person? Somebody else?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: What kind of contractor can redesign gutters/roof drainage?

    Quote Originally Posted by jkirk View Post
    from there call a gutter monkey,
    lol ---------:d:d
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