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    Default Extending wire in breaker box

    Hello, i am installing new breakers at the top of my breaker box/panel for whole house surge suppression. They say they should be at the top of the box. Thus I will need to move the existing breakers down to the bottom. The existing wires going to the breakers do not have enough length to move the breakers down further in the panel. My question, it is fine to extend the black wire using a wire nut so that it will reach down to where the breaker will need to reside? It seems as if it would meet code as the breaker box is a closed box just like a junction box would be. I will add a junction box if I have to (to do it right), but thought I would check first before going to that trouble.


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    Default Re: Extending wire in breaker box

    Go right ahead Kman.
    It is an allowable practice to do that very thing. When you add the length of wire you need remember to twist your pigtails before installing the wire nut. {Also make sure you will be using the proper size copper as well**.
    Please do not believe that rubbish on the wire nut box. Where it tells you no pre-twisting is necessary. While you can make up a pigtail with out pre-twisting, you will NEVER have a problem by pre-twisting.
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