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    Default Need help with noise level between floors

    I have a Ranch house built in the 1950's. My problem is I can hear everything said, music played, or TV show that is on downstairs, I hear it upstairs as if I am in the same room and visa versa. The ceiling is just wood, no insulation, no double ceiling, just the wood for the floor. I need a way to sound proof or deaden the sound between the floors. I would love it if there was something I could spray on the ceiling and I probably need some kind of a caulking to place around the excess holes from the steam pipes(I have a boiler). Thanks for any input. JanEinLiberty

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    Default Re: Need help with noise level between floors

    Wheh you say downstairs, I assume that means the basement. When you say there is just wood from the floor upstairs, I'll assume there is nothing nailed to the floor joists for the first floor.

    All this is good. You can install batts of insulation in between the floor joists. That'll cut some of the noise. I'd also spend a little more money and efort and put in a drywall ceiling for the basement. That'll cut the noise pretty well for you.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Need help with noise level between floors

    just a point about batt insulation ....

    fiberglass does work for acoustic isolation. The sound waves ( noise ) are absorbed by the insulation and part of this by product is heat .... fiberglass resists tranmission of heat .... therefore ..... reduces sound transmission.

    The Roxul "safe and sound" works the same way though I think it's more dense than fiberglass.

    2 cents worth.
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    Default Re: Need help with noise level between floors

    In Europe they fill the the entire layer with plaster. It's like concrete, nothing gets through it. Beyond that choice, change layer density. Put sound board on the joists then foam than sound board and you won't hear a thing.

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