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    Default Asbestos Removed in Basment

    We live in a 1930's house. Our basement had 2 layers of layed down carpeting covering vinyl 9 x 9 tiles. We had the tiles tested and they came back 5% asbestos, none in the mastic. We decided to have cork flooring put down over the vinyl tiles rather than abate the asbestos.

    The contractors came today to do the prep work for the cork floor. Once they removed all the carpeting, they found the vinyl tiles to be very uneven. Before applying skimcoat, they wanted to remove the vinyl tiles. They were all very loose and popped right off. Because they were literally popping off, I let them go ahead. Now I'm thinking that was not smart at all.

    Are we now in danger of asbestos contamination? I cannot stop worrying about this.

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