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    Default Victorian door hardware won't latch shut easily. Suggestions?

    With kids running in and out all day... and the fact that you really have to hold the doors closed and practically turn the knob back to center before the old victorian mortise springs pop the latch out to catch it... I just end up with open doors all day.

    Any hints on how to get these doors closing better? They are all well hung. And they do hit the latchplates, although sometimes the (tiny) door latch barely overlaps the strikeplate to keep it closed. But you just aren't able to push it firmly closed and think it'll take.

    Big thanks,
    Chilly Scout

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    Default Re: Victorian door hardware won't latch shut easily. Suggestions?

    If the action inside the latch mechanism is moving well, you could always take a file and file the inside edge of the strike plate to give it a little more clearance for the latch to enter the "hole" in the strike plate. It may relieve the slight mismatch. Over time maybe the door or door stops may have swelled a little, just enough to cause the problem you describe.

    If your latching mechanism is a little slow, you could always spray a little silicon into the workings of it and make sure there's no slowness or lack of strength in the latch when it pops out of the door and into the strike plate.

    Good Luck.

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